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The Conference of the Birds' was an arts project inspired by the narrative poem written in the 12th century by the Persian poet Farid ud – Din Attar. It was a fantastic experience to be part of a project that encompassed different members of the community. There is no doubt that the professional artists are able to deliver an inspirational level of artwork with all pupils and it gave the teaching staff a boost to watch this work in progress. The appreciation felt by the pupils when they saw the exhibition and the work done by other members of the community was notable. Julie Reed

The creative project ran for 10 months, starting with writers from Spread the Word and Apples and Snakes working with schools and community groups. They handed over to visual artists from Weave and Inspirall. The final performances and exhibition in July 2012 showcased work from Wandle Valley High School, Wandle Valley Elders, Stanley Park Junior School, Rylands Care home, No Panic and Sutton Young carers.

To read more about and see visual elements of the project that I worked on with the visual arts team please follow the links to the left.

Collage with Rylands
Making Shadow puppets
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