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Creative skills: Simon Honey BA hons 2.1 Central St. Martins College of Art & Design MA Chelsea College of Art and Design
Oral History projects

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Longer arts projects and workshops


Longer projects run for two or more days and start from £300 to cover planning, materials etc. Longer projects do vary in price, depending on how long they take, how large the artwork is, level of detail and type of materials used. Please ask for a quote.

For schools, longer projects are great for team work. Can involve a class or with planning your whole school. Longer projects and day workshops can transform a space and can create a permanent artwork for your pupils and staff to enjoy. They are often ideal for school creativity weeks or science or environment weeks. They can even engage children and young people in exploring their local environment and coming up with solutions to improve it.

Sections of this site with Longer projects include Ecopaint murals, Mosaic Arts, Digital Art & Design, recycled fashion shows, Recycled textiles, Carnival & Celebration, For all projects an indication of the scale of the final artwork, will allow for a more accurate quote. For mural or mosaic projects measurements of the space to be covered will help me price a more accurate quote.

For community groups, they are a great way of getting all members involved in a project and building skills and confidence whilst having fun. Previous outcomes have been permanent public art in community centres and public places, public exhibitions, digital video and audio work and work for members to keep themselves. Projects have even provided documentary evidence of need to make improvements to the local area they live in.

If you have an idea you want to discuss then please contact me.

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