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Creative skills: Simon Honey BA hons 2.1 Central St. Martins College of Art & Design MA Chelsea College of Art and Design
Oral History projects

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Freelance Artist

The majority of art works created by Simon Honey utilise recycled materials, exceptions being obvious sections on the Eco arts web site. This Recycling area brings together, Recycled art on a smaller scale in an educational and workshop setting. Click on a text link below to see examples.

You have given me a fantastic opportunity and it'll remain in my memory forever. Sineaha

Also see the section After Schools art clubs / school projects.

Mixed media and Creative collage!


You can see larger scale work under Sculpture & 3D Arts


Recycled fashion projects

recycled fashion
Carnival & Celebration workshops, decorations and events that celebrate!Chinese Dragon made from recycled materials
Masks making workshops magnificently fun Puppet making Childs mask from Carnival day
Recycled textile work with schools & groupscolourful spiral of woven recycled fabric
From scrap spiders to recycled robots & pirates a miscellany of other recycled art pieces recycled art, bottle people
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Please contact me, to discuss a project, training, workshops or a commission.