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Creative skills:Simon Honey BA hons 2.1 Central St. Martins College of Art & Design MA Chelsea College of Art and Design
Oral History projects

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Freelance Artist

Sculpture projects from recycled materials for schools, community centres, youth and play centres in Sutton and London. Specialising in 90% to 100% use of recycled materials, with minimal use of new resources. Wood carving work with children as young as 6. Recycled sculpture projects from age 5. Work with Recycling Champions and Stop Climate Change with schools and playcentres in Sutton. Work with Sutton Ecology Centre as part of Sutton Arts Festival.

The robot was the talk of the school and one teacher was bowled over with admiration with the use of diverse media and it's mobility. Bev Williamson Camden Junior School.

All sculpture and art shown here is over a metre in one of it's measurements, most is 2 metres in height. You might want to look at smaller recycled art.

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Recycling robot
Willow for carnival


Left: Willow and Hazel sculptures and puppets from sustainably harvested materials under the Willow works section of this site.

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